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The Tron Legacy is a fast-paced favorite of all those gamers who ever wanted to be in an actual virtual gaming world. Anything can happen when you wear this Tron costume for men and women. Men can buy the Tron Legacy costume and imagine Sam Flynn is watching their skilled moves. Women can purchase the lovely Quorra costume to wow everyone with her quick reflexes and supreme ability to out whit the enemies. Purchase the Tron Identity Disk where all your experiences will be stored. We have the costume, Identity Disk and you can add the gloves and boots for a complete costume. Sam Flynn would be pleased if you wore black biker boots and Quorra wouldn’t dare be seen without spike-heeled lace up boots.

Get your “Tron” on and pay homage to your love of Tron, whether your favorite is the 1982 classic movie or you prefer the 2010 version that was released in IMAX 3D. 

This fun movie is an American staple, and most folks who are looking for Tron costumes want to dress up like the heroic and witty Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy.  Ladies love the Quorra Tron costume for livening up Halloween parties or Tron parties with Quorra’s leggy good looks.  When choosing your Tron costume, be sure to added the accessories that will help you pull off the look, including:

  • Tron identity disk. No Tron fan would dare step out the door in the Tron costume without the Tron identify disk by their side. Without the identity disk, how will you ever record your experience in the game grid? Don’t risk it! Complete the look by getting the identity disk alongside your Tron costume.  Some costumes are packaged with the disk; otherwise, you will have to purchase it separately.
  • Gloves.  If you’ve watched the movie, then you know that the characters always wear gloves. Sometimes full gloves, other times, gloves with no fingertips.  Your choice.
  • Boots.  Boots are a final touch for your Tron costume. Black boots are essential to finishing off your Tron look.  If you’re going for the Sam Flynn look, then a classic biker boot will do. If you are channeling Quorra, then go for a spiky heeled lace up boot, also in black.

For a truly authentic look from the movie Tron, look for a Tron costume that has an electro-luminescent wire, or EL wire. This type of wire is rigged up to a power source to make your costume glow in the dark.  Your Tron costume will be the one that gets all of the “oohs” and “aahs” from your friends when they see you come into the room all aglow.

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GlowMan Adult Costume

Maybe you’re excited about the upcoming movie and want to pay tribute this Halloween or maybe you’re attending a costume party and you want to get into the role. Whatever the reason that you need a Tron costume today, we are here to help you achieve what you’re looking for in ease and style.

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Womens Quorra Tron Costume - Adult Tron Legacy Movie Costumes

GlowMan Adult Costume

Tron: Legacy movie from Disney hits theaters on December 17, 2010 but it’s not too early to don your very own Tron costume.

We want to be your one-stop shop for all things related to Tron costumes, including glow costumes for men and women alike. These are the closest Tron costumes you’ll find in 2010. If you’re looking for more information about the hot upcoming movie, check out the official movie site.

If you’re looking for official Tron movie costumes, check with us now and again for Halloween 2011. You don’t have to make your Tron costume for Halloween 2010 from scratch because we’re here to give you the best glow costumes and Tron-like costumes found anywhere on the Internet, all here in one easy location.

Become part of Tron: Legacy today with your very own glow costume from our costume shop.

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About The Movie -

Tron Legacy is a 3D enhanced science-fiction adventure movie that will be released in U.S theatres on December 17, 2010 by Walt Disney Pictures.  Some of the actors in the film are Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, James Frain and Bruce Boxleitner.  Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner are the two actors that are in the film when it was first released in 1982.

Tron Legacy is likely the continuation of the First Tron movie where Sam Flynn played by Garrett Hedlund, searching the disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn. Later on, both of them will begin their adventure in a dangerous and advanced world of cyber space.

One of the challenges in the production of the movie is how to make Jeff Bridges currently at 61 to make it look like he is in a younger age, somewhere around 40 to 50 years old. Jeff Bridges is playing the role of a software engineer Kevin Flynn.

The movie’s first release in 1982 was a successful one, considering the total budget for the film of $17 million that earn gross revenue of $33 million. In this Tron Legacy movie, the estimated production budget is roughly around $150 million.

Now with much better digital 3D effects and graphics, I’m sure you will love to watch this new Tron movie. What makes this film more exciting is the great graphics, amazing characters and awesome soundtracks.

We are offering different Tron Legacy movie costumes and glow costumes that are powered with batteries that you can use in costume parties, cosplay and even for the next Halloween. Make your friends amazed with glowing costumes that are available in different colors.

Tron Legacy costumes are one of the great ideas to wear whether in a costume party or you might want to be in the role of a Tron character, you can find those costumes that you need here with us.

Identity Disks for Tron Costumes

What is an identity disk, exactly? The identity disk is a light disk that is essential to using programs in the Tron system and the Game Grid. This disk is usually worn on the upper back of the player. The identity disk is also a weapon. When used as a weapon, the disc is hurled towards a target but always returns to its owners. The identity disk for most Tron costumes is attaced to a battery operated EL wire that lends the costume a feel of authenticity and genuineness. You can really look like you just stepped out of the Tron movie if you add the identity disk to your ensemble, although many Tron costumes already come with the disk.

Weapons and Your Tron Costume

Another weapon that you can choose to carry to make your Tron costume take on a greater sense of authenticity is the Light Sword. The light sword is also known as the Katana, and is formed from a baton with the baton being the weapon’s hilt. The program’s energy can then be channeled into the baton, forming a blade of brilliant light. You probably saw Quorra whooping up on the Black Guards with a light sword just like this in the movie. Other Tron characters can carry and use the light sword, however, and most Tron light swords to go with Tron costumes use batteries for power.

Tron Costume

The Tron Guy, a character from the 1982 science fiction film, Tron, is a hit amongst the intellectual. And the Tron costume is a must have for anyone who loves to wear their interest on their sleeves, literally.

The Tron costume is moulded after the Tron guy from the film. The Tron costume in the film received a best costume nomination in the Oscars! Now, who wouldn’t want to replicate that? The futuristic look of the Tron costume can bring pure holistic realism in to any costume party! And that is why, it is important to get the correct Tron costume and wear it well.

Tron costumes are available for both men and women. The Tron costumes for men are usually more popular. The men Tron costume is a full sheath of armour attached all through out the body. This armour is usually accompanied by a fitted helmet. The colour of this armour is white and comes in certain fit-to-measure parts. The armour has bold outlines in black recreating the exact styles brought out by the animation of the character in the movie.

Authentic Tron costumes usually have a feature to light up. The light up feature may be either in-built light bulbs or glow in the dark strips. Either ways, the rule of thumb is that the colour of the light must be greenish white to imitate the actual Tron guy!

Women versions of the Tron guy costumes are available. These Tron costumes are similar to the men’s in the sense that they have armour pieces fitted in. The women’s version usually does not have a helmet. The women Tron costume is usually much more sensuous as compared to the men’s.

Accessories to accompany the Tron costume include the Tron “light” Frisbee, helmets and even the Tron “light” bicycle.

Tron Costume

Tron is the name of a very famous science fiction movie from 1982. It was written & directed by Steven Lisberger and released in theatres by Walt Disney Pictures. It was an immediate hit and the costume worn by Torn was so much appreciated that it was nominated for best costume of the year in Oscars. Now, that’s huge! When the costume was capable to attract Oscars, it was surely a hit amongst Halloween fans.

Tron costumes are available for adults, both for man and woman, as well as children. These costumes are designed in a series of synthetic fiber emphasizing the shape of the individual wearing it.  These costumes are decorated with lines of the fluorescent light using a unique material called light tape. As a matter of fact, these are the main highlights of the Tron costume. For a complete authentic Tron look, the dress should have a slot for identity disk; this is what identifies the Tron warriors.

If you see the trend, Tron costumes are more popular with men, in spite of the fact that you would see usually a woman advertising it. Tron costumes for men include a full sheath of armour that is attached all through the body. A fitted helmet usually always accompanies it.

As mentioned above, Tron costumes would come with a feature to light up. To create that affect light tape or glow in the dark strips are used. Sometimes, in-built light bulbs are also used.

As far as women Tron costume is concerned, they are very similar to men’s costumes in term of armour pieces fitted in. However, they are not accompanied by a helmet.

For a complete Tron look, you may want to invest some dollars in buying Tron accessories including Tron “light” bicycle and Tron “light” Frisbee.

Happy Halloween!

The Tron Costume

Looking for some ideas for Halloween costumes that can light you up in the dark night of Halloween? If yes, then what can be a better choice than a Tron costume? A Tron Costume is sure to make you high-“light” of the Halloween party.

Tron Guy is a very popular character from the 1982 science fiction film named “Tron”. The film, written and directed by Steven Lisberge, was a huge hit as was the character Tron himself. Since then, the Tron Costume has been lighting up the dark nights of the Halloween.

Whether you need a Troncostume for your child, your boy friend or girl friend, you can get hold of one easily. The dress for all categories is essentially made up of 3 different components.

The first component out of these is a body fitting jumpsuit that includes a leg wear as well as a fitted top. Most of the times it is black in colour and is made out of synthetic fibre to ensure a perfect body-hugging fit.

Now, we talked about lighting up so much above; the reason is that the Tron costume comes fitted with a lighting system running throughout. To create the effect different techniques are used such as light tape or built-in light bulbs are used. However, you don’t have to worry about getting an electric-shock from them. They are tested to be shock-safe. A battery box comes included with the dress so that you can ensure consistent power.

Gloves and boots make for the second component, also in black colour. They aid to create an authentic Tron look. Most Tron boots also have lighting system in them.

The third and final component is the Tron disc. A Tron costume without Tron disc is but an incomplete Tron costume.

Don’t wait any further! Order your Tron Costume today and become highlight of the Halloween party this season.

Tron movie was in the theaters on December 17th 2010, a super hit movie from the Disney collection and now you can relive the Tron movement with the Tron costume in any costume party or any theme party. is a web site which is completely dedicated to the Tron costume. We have tried our best to make this site to serve you the best and be the one stop shop for you all Tron lovers. There are so many different things related to the Tron costume and to get that all is a difficult task but with us it is no more a hassle you can get all your Tron costume relate things in this web site.

We also have many costumes for women as well as men as well as kids and there are lots of sizes available as well so you just don’t have to worry at all you can get all the Tron material and the sizes as well on this web site and you also don’t have to go anywhere to get the costume. You just have to go on the site and select the product which you like and the sizes and place the order and we will ship that order to your place at the earliest.

We have made sure that you don’t face any problem so we have described very things about the costume in detail so that you can get to know the costume better. This costume can make you look good and attractive and also stand out of the crowed and as the Halloween is on its way this can be the perfect choice for you. Tron costume is the hot pick for the Halloween party as the theme night needs to be something special and surely you would want to look good and grab a lot of eyes then this is sure the costume to be. So what are you waiting for check out costumes and order now? Happy shopping!!

Into the future  – Tron Costumes

Why stick with the old boring types of costumes?  Halloween is a traditional but the costumes do not have to be.  Tron costumes will modernize your Halloween look!  Tron costumes are based on the blockbuster hit Tron by Disney.

The movie is a futuristic type of film with sexy to masculine costumes.  In hopes to find his father, the main character finds himself sucked into a game.  The characters that he finds there, including his father, are all dressed futuristically just like in a game.

You can be both modern and creative with Tron costumes and have the sense of role-playing in the bag.  Both men and women would look great in these costumes young or old.  In the movie alone, you would see that not all the characters are wearing the same get-up so you can experiment with each type to see which fits you the best.  Do not worry about being a bit on the older side; there are costumes for all ages and even children would gladly put on a costume as cool as these would.  Witches, ghouls, ghosts and the like are all cute and scary, but times have changed.  Teenagers would rather put on a costume that is up to date and further than the older and more traditional types of costumes.

everyone should enjoy the Halloween season and their festivities should not be ruined by lame costumes.  Let them be happy to wear something more stylish and edgy.  The youth today have different tastes in clothing or apparel nowadays and it is best to give them what they want so they can enjoy the occasion as much as the younger children can.  Cool, stylish, sexy and manly are what you can get from these costumes.  Stand proud and happy with your Halloween costume.  Get yourself some Tron costumes to modernize this traditional occasion.

Tron Costume is the Best

Everyone should invest in a Tron costume. First, this article describes the Tron costume in detail. Next, this article goes to the main differences between a male Tron costume and a female Tron costume as well as similarities. Lastly, this article explains how the costume is perfect for the upcoming halloween season for children and adults; however, the costume can also be used in other occasations too.

The costume is based on the Troy character from the 1982 verison of the film, Troy. Many intellegent men and women enjoy this movie as the movie consumer has to use his wits to understand the movie. Men and women consumers who choose to wear this costume can quite literally wear the Troy character’s interest on the costume consumer’s sleeves. Some part of the costume usually lights up as a greenish white color; this in line with movie chartacter. The Tron costume is so popular it recieved a nomination for best costume at the Oscars!

The female Tron costume is very similar to the male Tron costume but there are several differences. One difference is that the women’s costumes usually don’t come with a hemelt whereas the men’s costumes usually do come with a helmet. Some female Tron costumes show skin in the shoulders but all Tron female costumes show skin. A similarity between men and women Tron costumes is that both costumes uasually come with white armour that has bold black outlines on it.

The Tron costume is the best costume any occasational; including this upcoming halloween. Two other good reasons to use the costume are to pay tribuate to the movie that will be released on December 17 or just to attend a costume party. Sometimes, consumer’s have costume parties or sometimes bars have costume parties on halloween; either way the Tron costume is the perfect costume for the party. This costume is also perfect for themed birthday parties such as a Tron-themed birthday party.

Tron is a movie loved by the young an old. Some people may prefer the original Tron while the kids like the most recent version. For that reason, we at provide you with Tron costumes from every era. We have male and female costumes and all the necessary accessories. For the ladies we have sexy Tron boots, leggings, black satin gloves and even studded fingerless gloves. For the guys we offer accessories like black loafers and matching gloves. Don’t forget to pick up the most important accessory, the Tron Legacy identity disk! You will gleam in the night this Halloween.

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