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Buy Tron Legacy – Deluxe Adult Male Costume – Please Click On The Image Below
Includes: Jumpsuit. Socks and disc are not included. This is an officially licensed Tron product.

Tron Legacy - Deluxe Adult Male Costume

Buy Tron Legacy – Quorra Deluxe Adult Costume – Please Click On The Image Below
Includes: Top with reflective print and sonic weld patch and leggings. Does not include disc or boots. This is an officially licensed Disney product.

Womens Quorra Tron Costume - Adult Tron Legacy Movie Costumes

Buy Tron Legacy – Tron Child Costume – Please Click On The Image Below
Includes jumpsuit with padded chest and arms,reflective print and sonic weld patch. Does not include identity disk. This is an officially licensed Tron Legacy product.

Tron Legacy - Tron Child Costume

Buy Tron Legacy – Identity Disk – Please Click On The Image Below
Includes disk. This is an officially licensed Tron Legacy product.

Tron Legacy - Identity Disk

A new generation is experiencing the phenomenon of Tron. Technology has come a long way since the original Tron movie. Today, it’s not as far-fetched to think about the possibility of a computer world. Nearly every man woman and child has some kind of daily computer access. Telephones are not just phones, they are mini-computers. Modern technology has caught up with what once seemed far-out. Our computerized world makes Tron more believable today than ever. At, Tron enthusiasts can be part of the movie scene. Tron costumes worn in the Tron: Legacy film are replicated and available to the public.

If you haven’t seen the Tron: Legacy movie it’s still playing in some theaters. You can always catch it upon release on DVD or Blue-ray. The graphics are spectacular. Rent the old Tron and compare it to the 2010 version. Modern computer technology is outstanding. The Tron: Legacy sequel is an exciting sci-fi film suitable for the entire family. Disney kept the PG rating appropriate for more audiences to enjoy. The plot revolves around Sam Flynn. Sam’s father was a computer guy named Kevin. Kevin disappears into the world of Tron. Sam has grown up without his father and gets transported into the Tron world. Sam takes the opportunity to search for his missing father. Of course, good and evil battle it out as Sam searches for his Dad.

It’s not too early to start thinking about Halloween 2011. At costumes are available for men, women and teens. These revolutionary costumes with light-up features not only look cool but are comfortable. No wearing a mask and breathing through plastic. Each person’s face is well-lit along with the full length of their torso. Glow-in-the-dark costumes are not only stylish but safe to wear on Halloween. No need to carry a glow-stick, your costume will light your way.

Unite with other Tron lovers and host a Tron Halloween Party. If you’ve seen the movie, you know that it doesn’t matter how many people are dressed the same. The more people in costume, the more realistic the Tron world will be. Duplicating the Tron set for a Halloween party would not be that difficult. The costumes offered at set the stage for your party. Here are a few Tron party ideas to enhance the evening: play the movie in the background for special effects, get the soundtrack and run it through some good speakers, get some Tron Frisbees for your party, have a contest with the Frisbees and give out prizes. Your Halloween party will be talked about for years.

Want to stand out of the crowd in the costume party or on Halloween? Want to be dressed up perfectly according to a role? What could be better than a Tron costume, which would make you distinctly visible, literally!

Popularized from the sci-fi movie Tron and its sequel, Tron is a software which fights for good. So tron costume is the perfect costume for sci-fi lovers.

Tron costume comes for men, women and children. Made up of 3 essential components, it gives you the complete super-powered hero look.

The first essential component is the body fit jumpsuit, having a tight leg wear and fitted top. It is black in colour and made of synthetic material, for the perfect fit. It has a zipper for easy wearing and removal. The highlight of the tron costume is the electric lighting on the dress, which will definitely make you markedly visible even in the crowd. Running over the entire dress, the lights in tube are extremely convenient to use as they do not emit any heat and are completely shock-safe. You get a battery box to attach to them and power them up. Just carry enough batteries to show off your light all night!

The second component is a set of gloves and boots which are also black in color. Gloves are cut in tron style and boots also have the little light, to make you stand out. They perfectly match your outfit and give the complete tron look.

To get the ideal cinematic look, the last component would definitely be the tron disc. This illuminated disc is one thing without which the tron costume can never be complete.

So grab the costume today itself and enter the next costume party in perfect tron costume and with attitude, which turns all eyes towards you.

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